Monuments and attractions

Monuments and attractions

Kielce is, above all, a city full of monuments and other attractions – for both its citizens and tourists coming here, for adults and children.

The most important monuments and attractions in Kielce:

  • Cathedral and Palace of the Kraków Bishops (currently: the National Museum) – a baroque palace, former office of the Kraków Bishops, one of the most important symbols of the city. Near the palace there is an interesting tourist route through historical attractions of Kielce.

    Address: 1 Plac Zamkowy Street, Kielce

  • Toys Museum – the biggest and the oldest toys museum in Poland, with a few thousand exhibits, exhibitions of dolls from all over the world, historical and folklore toys, models of cars, planes, ship, etc. waiting for visitors. Visiting the museum in Kielce is an extraordinary experience for children and teenagers. Various interactive exhibitions are organised and presented there and they give an opportunity for a direct contact with exhibits (watching and touching) for instance in a playroom or, in summer, at the Museum’s courtyard. In addition, three times a day one can meet a Baba Yaga on the clock tower.

    Address: 2 Plac Wolności, Kielce

  • Kielce History Museum– it was opened in 2008. The Museum offers interesting permanent and temporary exhibitions, lessons and workshops, meetings, concerts or regular educational meetings connected with history and science. What’s interesting is that in the Museum there is a permanent exhibition named “From Kielce history”, which presents the history of the place.

    Address: 4 Św. Leonarda Street, Kielce

  • The Cultural Centre of Kielce – a very important cultural institution in Kielce and in the whole Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. In the building one can find elegant conference rooms, galleries, offices and guest rooms. It is the office of the Polish Television Centre in Kielce, Kielce Dance Theatre, Winda Contemporary Art Gallery, etc. The Cultural Centre of Kielce also has two concert and theatre stages where the most prestigious cultural events in the area take place. A tourist route is nearby the Cultural Centre of Kielce.

    Address: 2b Plac Stanisława Moniuszki Street, Kielce

  • Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Hall – a philharmonic hall located in a historical building within the whole year offers symphonic concerts, school chamber concerts or family concerts, which are a treat for fans of live music played by professional musicians.

    Address: 12 Żeromskiego Street, Kielce

  • Jan Kochanowski University – one of the most valued universities in Poland. This thriving academic centre cooperates on a number of levels with other scientific centres, and with the local authorities. The university conducts various research for the benefit of the Świętokrzyskie region, and it is one of the fastest-growing universities in Poland.

    Address: 5 Żeromskiego Street, Kielce

  • Kielce Festival – has been taking place since 1999, for instance under the slogan “City with a creative passion”. During the annual festival the Kielce Fair takes place, the city is promoted and many attractions for the citizens and tourists are organised, e.g. interesting cultural and sports events, meetings, exhibitions, concerts of local and national artists.

Additionally in Kielce one can find:

  • The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Zieliński Palace (Artistic Community Centre)
  • A garrison church
  • A Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery
  • The main square whose location was determined already in the Middle Ages and whose architecture is mainly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • Many tourist and walking routes
  • Kielce University of Technology
  • The Higher Theological Seminary in Kielce
  • Helios Cinema, Moskwa Cinema, WDK Cinema, Multikino
  • “Kubuś” Puppet and Actor Theatre
  • Ecce Homo Theatre
  • Regional Culture Centre
  • the Museum of Stefan Żeromski’s School Years
  • Museum of the Kielce Countryside and many others

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