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Room type Price for 1 room
single PLN 110
double PLN 129
for 4 people PLN 229


  • Arrival and checking in during the night time, i.e. after 10 PM – additional PLN 10 per person.
  • The price of a room for a group above 10 people is negotiable.
  • A stay price is not fixed; it’s regulated according to the availability of places in the hostel.
  • The hostel reserves the right to change prices during cultural or sport events taking place in Kielce.
  • VAT is included in the price.
  • We issue VAT invoices.

Payment methods

  • cash,
  • credit card,
  • transfer

Other fees

  • The fee for losing the key – PLN 10.
  • Bathrobe renting – PLN 8, buying hotel slippers – PLN 8.
  • Parking for the hostel guests is paid.
  • The hostel’s guests, after payment, can use a laundry.

Please read detailed terms and conditions of Hostel-Art – terms and conditions are available in Polish and English. They take into account both the stays of individual guests and stays of small and bigger organised groups. Terms and conditions describe all rights, obligations, rules of behaviour on the site and types/amounts of fees (group deposits, deposits, etc.) during the stay in the hostel as well as conditions and costs of a potential cancellation of a stay.


  • Room bookings are accepted via phone and email.
  • We don’t request an advance.
  • On the day of arrival a full booking fee has to be paid in advance.
  • Booking can be made via a contact form: please fill in a precise date and the number of people.
  • Payment can be made via transfer or by credit card.
  • You will receive a booking confirmation via email.

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