Terms and Conditions of Hostel-Art in Kielce

1. The hostel reception is open 8 hours a day /10 AM – 6 PM/

2. Hotel day starts at 2 PM and lasts until 11 AM. There is a possibility of earlier accommodation, after contacting the hotel reception. Cleaning of the facility takes place from 11 AM until 2 PM.

3. Guests accommodation takes place from 4 PM until 9 PM. Later accommodation is possible after notifying a hostel receptionist.

4. Quiet hours last from 11 PM until 6 AM.

5. The hostel is under full video surveillance and safeguard 24 hours a day.

6. On the day of arrival, guests are obliged to present a valid identity document to a receptionist as well as pay a stay fee. Guests who do not have a valid document will not be accepted.

7. The full booking fee has to be paid in advance on the day of arrival. The price includes all the taxes. A stay price is not fixed; it’s regulated according to the availability of places in the hostel. Current prices are available on the hostel’s website under the bookmark “PRICE LIST”. Hostel reserves the right to change prices during cultural or sport events taking place in Kielce.

8. The hostel may not accept a Guest who, during his/her previous stay, seriously infringed the terms and conditions or disturbed the hostel functioning in any other way.

9. The hostel reserves the right not to accept a Guest who is under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances.

10. The hostel reserves the right to call proper preventive services in special situations, such as: the aggression of the group’s members towards receptionists or other Guests, the use of psychoactive substances by a Guest, disturbing quiet hours, throwing rubbish or other things through the windows to the streets or in the hostel’s area.
11. Every person disturbing peace and safety will be immediately ordered to leave the hostel without a possibility of getting back a stay fee.

12. In order to extend the stay, a guest has to contact a receptionist not later than until 11 AM.

13. There is a possibility of receiving a VAT invoice for a stay – after informing a receptionist in advance.

14. A receptionist has a right of not granting a discount if there are grounds for suspecting that a Guest does not meet the requirements.

15. Guests are asked to leave keys in reception before leaving the hostel.

16. People who are not checked in the hostel cannot stay on the hostel’s site. Guests of the checked in people can stay on the hostel’s site with the prior consent of a receptionist, not longer than until 10 PM.

17. It is guest’s obligation to maintain order both in the rooms and in the shared area.

18. Dormitory rooms are co-educational rooms. Every bed in such rooms is intended only for one person.

19. We accept the stay of animals in the hostel, but only in the case of booking a private room, with prior consent of the reception.

20. In the case of damaging any piece of hostel’s furniture, the repair costs are to be paid by Guests responsible for the damage.

21. Guest who behaved in an improper way, bears full financial responsibility for the intervention of external services.

22. Things left by Guests are stored in the hostel for 30 days. After this period of time they are transferred to Lost Property Office or disposed of.

23. The facility, under Polish law, is under full smoking prohibition. Smoking in the building is strictly prohibited. The fee for smoking is PLN 100.

24. Guests are obliged to act according to the fire safety instructions and general safety rules.

25. Guests are asked to immediately report any defects to the receptionists.

26. The hostel does not hold responsibility for any personal belongings left in the rooms, shared area or luggage storage.

27. The fee for losing the key – PLN 10 per item.

28. Additional fees are charged for: renting a bathrobe, purchasing slippers and ordering laundry.

29. The hostel does not return paid deposits.

30. Free cancellation of the booking is possible 24 hours before the starting date of the booking and only via email, or in the case of the booking realised on a day preceding departure – not later than until 10 AM. If the booking fee was paid with the use of a credit card, the return amount will be reduced by 5%.

31. In the case of booking a room and not appearing on the day of the booking, the hostel reserves the right to charge a fee for the first day. In such a case, the hostel will charge the guest’s credit card and cancel the booking for the rest of the days.

32. All payments for the group stay have to be made on the day of arrival or via bank transfer before accommodating the group.

33. The organisator of a group stay is obliged to fill in the list of members and handing it to the hostel reception.

34. The hostel does not guarantee maintaining tidiness in the rooms during the group stay during the period of time shorter than a week.

35. Caregiver/organisator or travel agency are responsible for damages done by the stay members. Caregivers are obliged to notify the reception about damages made by the group members. In the case of the lack of notification, the hostel reserves the right to issue an invoice for damages – to school, organisation, or travel agency, with a 7-days payment period.

36. During the accommodation of groups bigger than 8 members, a PLN 30 group deposit per person has to be paid. If there are no damages caused by a group, the deposit is returned during the check out.

37. The hostel confirms the possibility of accepting a group basing on the availability of free rooms on the day of inquiry. The hostel’s offer, confirmed and accepted by a group, obtains the status of the provisional booking. The hostel reserves the right to cancel the provisional booking without providing any reason. Only the bookings prepaid with an agreed amount of advance can obtain the final guaranteed booking confirmation.

38. The Hostel charges a fee in the amount of 50% for every night of not showing up of a group member, or if an organisator does not inform the hostel personnel about a final number of members 7 days before the date of a stay.

39. Upon booking, the hostel guest acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions.