The city

The city

Kielce is above all the capital of the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. It is located in the southern part of central Poland in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains by the Silnica river.

According to the legends, Kielce was established more than 900 years ago by Mieszko, the son of Bolesław the Bold.

The city plays a significant role of the regional economic, scientific, tourist and trade fairs centre. There are 12 higher education schools in Kielce which shows the scientific prominence of the place. In addition, the city is a cultural centre of the region – the most important events such as music, film or theatre festivals take place here.

There are five nature reserves located in Kielce, including four geological ones. In the past they were owned by the Kraków bishops.

It is worth remembering that Kielce is also a military garrison. In the past many military units stationed here.

Kielce constitute a transport hub, and international, national (no 7, 73, 74) and provincial roads run through the city.

The following railway lines connecting Warsaw, Kraków and Częstochowa cross each other in Kielce:

  • railway line no 7: Warszawa – Warka – Radom – Skarżysko-Kamienna – Kielce – Kraków
  • railway line no 61: Kielce – Małogoszcz – Włoszczowa – Częstochowa – Lubliniec – Fosowskie 

Within the boundaries of the city there are the following train stations: Kielce railway station, Kielce Białogon and Kielce Herbskie, and the following stops: Kielce Czarnów, Słowik Przystanek and Kielce Piaski.

Kielce-Masłów airport in Masłów is located near Kielce.

Suburban and urban transport in the form of the bus lines and the inter-city transport with a coach station in Kielce as well as private transport (individual transport services and taxi services) function efficiently.

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